Homework assignments


There are two assignments that are each worth \(15\%\). Generally, each assignment covers material we covered in class either through the required readings and lectures in class or from invited speakers. They are designed so that you can explore concepts and data in more depth.

Seeking assistance

You should complete the assignments alone, however it is perfectly ok to ask for help. This order is the best for asking for assistance:

  1. Ask questions in the \({\tt Slack}\) workspace (\({\tt \#cancer-genetics-western}\)). 2

  2. If the question can’t be answered by other students on \({\tt Slack}\), either the TA or I can assist via \({\tt Slack}\).3

  3. As a very last resort, diret message via \({\tt Slack}\) technical questions to the TA or instructor.4

We understand that many people are self-conscience when asking questions, and would therefore try to avoid public \({\tt Slack}\) channels. Although there are ways on \({\tt Slack}\) to ask a question anonymously (and you are welcome to use them), we would prefer that you build towards a pyschology that there are no stupid questions. Learning to communicate with your peers is an important part of your studies.

Remember that you can ask also questions during TA office hours, instructor office hours and during the lectures.

Submitting assignments

Assignment submission is always electronic and via OWL. Please see the OWL course website for more details.

Late assignments

Marginally late work (defined as less than 2 days past the deadline) can be ok, although you are warned that this is usually not the case near mid-terms or end of term5

Late late work (defined as more than 2 days) requires special permission from the instructor. 6

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  2. This allows other students in the class to practice answering questions. Moreover, one answer posted there helps everyone.↩︎

  3. If you are too shy or think it’s a “dumb” question, post it anonymously in Slack.↩︎

  4. There are a lot of reasons to avoid DMing us. For example, if we answer a question in a DM, we have to re-answer the next time a student asks the same questions. However, if we answer it in a class-wide channel on \({\tt Slack}\), all students benefit and we only have to write out the answer once.↩︎

  5. This is because it delays us releasing answer keys. Please respect that the TA is working on a tight timeline and any exceptions you ask for blowback of them.↩︎

  6. Generally, it is not a problem if it only happens once, the student is proactive in clarifying the situation with the instructor, and it does not hinder us releasing answer keys before midterms and exams.↩︎